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Custom Order

Let me help you bring your vision to life!

I am currently open to commissions making use of polymer clay.
Unfortunately the other crafts I am involved in is exceptionally time consuming, however should you be familiar with this implication and the cost of base materials, please feel free to open a discussion with me.

I have provided a ball-bark estimation of what you can expect custom polymer pieces to cost below. It is subject to change depending on detail and difficulty involved and will be discussed with you up front before I start work.

Please be as detailed as possible - if you can link images for colours or ideas that would be great!
Simple Stitch Markers

Set of six – five simple shapes with no detail, one with detail

Simple Buttons

Set of ten with a simple design or pattern

Simple Stud Earrings

A very simple stud with a plain colour or pattern – no detail

Simple Dangle Earrings

Depending on the desired length and complexity of pieces, simple colours or designs

Detailed Stitch Markers

Set of six – each one different, unique and detailed but within the same colour scheme and theme

Detailed Buttons

Set of ten with a high level of detail or patterning

Detail Stud Earrings

Detailed stud earrings with a complex design

Detailed Dangle Earrings

Complexity can come either from types of components or detail


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